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Why this blog name? Inspirational PINK?

Well, this probably should have been one of my first blog posts, but better late than never.☺  Hmmm, Inspirational Pink?  It means so much to me.  I am a very positive type personality.  I love sticking up for the underdog, encouraging myself and others who cross my path to be the very best they can be.  I truly am a firm believer that God in His infinite wisdom created ALL OF US with a specific purpose and has so lovingly sprinkled us with many gifts and talents to help carry out that purpose.

Take myself for instance, I grew up a little poor black girl from Detroit, Michigan; who has made just about every mistake and attacked life by trial and error.  God took all my mess and made it a beautiful message.  Even more beautiful than I myself could have ever imagined.  He has an awesome sense of humor as well.  I was previously married and my last name was Brown.  It was a horrifying marriage, to say the least, darkened with physical and emotional abuse.  God got me out and some years later, He sent me a loving Godly man who loves me so preciously and his last name just happens to be PINK!  My husband Mr. David Pink has been my Boaz.(Ruth 4:13), he is a wonderful husband to me and an awesome father.  Only God can make that happen, He turned my awful brown into a bright beautiful PINK.  This is such a clear representation of how Christ has changed my life, everything is bright and joyful now, in Him.  I no longer have to live by trial and error for the most part, because He has given me His precious word and His Holy Spirit to teach me and guide me through this journey called life.  Since He has done that for little old me, He can and will definitely do it for you.

Therefore, Inspirational Pink is a combination of my passion for inspiring others and a testimony to how Christ turned my brown to PINK!


Kinley Pink




Mr. & Mrs. David Pink♥♥♥

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