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Office Tour with Kinley Pink



I hope you enjoyed my office tour!!

Please let me know what kind of videos you would like to see on this YouTube Channel. As a Pastor, blogger and woman of God, what is important to you is important to me because we all need to keep ourselves encouraged and focused through the day-to-day of life. Let me know if you’ve found anything that inspires you in your office space, share what excites you. I believe having beautiful things to look at in our work space creates an environment of passion and productivity. When we are inspired, we produce more efficiently. Most of all, I encourage you to incorporate your favorite colors, your style and flair! Your workspace should scream your personality.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not take much to revamp a space. Settle yourself on the colors and fabrics you would like to see around you while you are working, then keep your eyes open when you are out. I have found that thrift stores, estate sales, resale & consignment shops have hidden treasures just waiting to be found! Get creative. Watch room tour videos like this one for more ideas and inspiration. If you need a link to any items mentioned, put it in the comments below!Welcome to Inspirational Pink YouTube channel!
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