Life Coach Says

“Holy Matrimony Batman!”

What can I say, my hubby and I have been together for 7 years, married for 3 of those years on June 25th! We both had an “excursion” marriage once before. That’s what I call a marriage that just should NOT have happened, but you made a huge mistake! We did not do things the Christ like way and lived together for 3 years before we married. Now for any self-righteous Christians out there ready to nail us to the cross, I know it was sin and terrible. I have to admit I was terribly afraid of having another “excursion”. I in NO WAY advocate “shacking-up” for the record. This is MY STORY, the way it happened for me. For some reason, God had mercy on us and my husband got saved during our shacking period and God began to shape our lives, we have been glued together since our first date in January of 2007. I think God said, “Let me give her a good husband before she goes and gets herself into more trouble.” I had just moved to NY and was starting over. He was starting over as well. Today I have the most beautiful hubby ever!! God has truly bonded us together for His glory. We both needed each other and God allowed us to cross paths. If you are married, start the week right, and do something extra nice for your spouse. God smiles on a husband and wife who knows the importance of matrimony!♥ I am a living testimony of how you can start out on the wrong foot, but God can correct your path at any time, if you would just trust Him and start to do things HIS way!
Matrimony Mondays will be about sowing into our marriages, not taking them for granted. You will be encouraged to make your marriage all God created it to be! Happy Matrimony and have a blessed week!

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