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Your New Year bubble has bursted and it’s only February?!!!!

Your New Year isn’t going as you planned, but that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel! Take a deep breath, go back to the drawing board and pray. Remind yourself why you set your goals for your vision in the first place. Assess why things are not going the way you planned and most of all DON’T GIVE UP!!!!! Here are some things to think about…

  • Is the set back beyond your control?
    I doubt it. There is usually an answer for every situation or set back. We just need to relax, pray and look with a fresh pair of eyes and ears. Sometimes that means talking to someone who has done successfully what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Are you realistic concerning your time management?
    We must recognize when we are in a season of planting. Like a farmer, when it’s time to plant we do not have time for much of anything else. That means you may have to give up your favorite TV shows for a while and focus. Just while you are sowing and laying the groundwork for your vision. There is a time to work and a time to play. The bonus part is after we do the heavy work, our work becomes play, we enjoy it!
  • Did you set too many goals?
    This can be tricky. Sometimes in our creative excitement we set too many goals and sabotage ourselves. I believe if you have more than 3 big goals at a time, it’s too many. Reorganize your goals down to the Top 3 that must happen for you to see progress. You should have no more than 3 Big Goals or Projects at a time and aware of all the tasks it takes to reach them step by step.
  • Are you aware of the difference between a goal, a project or a task?

a19e9a60979e3eae74f73f19462c00c0A goal is completed within 1 to 2 steps or tasks.

a19e9a60979e3eae74f73f19462c00c0A project takes 3 or more steps/tasks to complete. Knowing the difference between a goal and a project can alleviate much frustration.

a19e9a60979e3eae74f73f19462c00c0Tasks are single steps taken to reach a goal or finish a project

  • Are your goals specific or clear enough? Your goals should be written in action form. Example: I can write in my planner, “Dinner” OR “Make chicken and rice, pick up onions from store” The ladder tells your mind, I need to do something, where just writing dinner usually does not communicate a sense of urgency.
  • Do you have accountability? Someone who you run things by to get another outlook on your vision and progress?
  • Last, but not least DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!
    Anything worth having is never easy. Settle in your mind that you will have stumbling blocks here and there, but you can push them out of your way!! Although, praying does not omit hard work. Yes God delivered the children of Israel from bondage and did great miracles, but walking through the red sea and reaching the promised land was no day at the beach. It took sweat, courage, commitment, faith and hard work!! Some did not make it. So don’t die in the wilderness. Stay on course, do what’s necessary and get’er done!!!

“But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”” -2 Chronicles 15:7

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