Have a Solution for 2016, not a Resolution!!

Have a Solution for 2016 to your procrastination and/or disorganization towards your dreams! I’m sure you’ve read somewhere by now the statistics of how many people actually keep their New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a very small number. Most of us mean well and have every good intention, but execution is out of our reach. Statistic …

Women In Leadership Blog

Blog Posts where women in Leadership Ministry can come, share, encourage one another, network and pray to keep ourselves focused on God and not get burned out or discouraged by our many many roles we fill. Also, to remind ourselves of what a beautiful creation we are by God Almighty. Knowing that we should never …

You Bought The Lie! Bridge

Lies, Lies, Lies… (or should we say tainted truth = lies)

Hello my lovelies! I pray that you have been following this series on feminism, the women’s movement and its influence on the church. I wanted to share with you this documentary before I post part 3. I truly want this to be an open discussion in light of what scripture has to say about the stance of feminism and the women’s movement. I want to encourage any professing believer Christ brings across my path to hold the scriptures as the standard and final authority; not our feelings or the culture. In this post I am sharing with you an article and a documentary. I will post my commentary on this in the next week. Please watch the documentary and read the article. I would love to hear your feedback as a professing Christ ¬†Follower. If you are not a Christian, then this post really is not for you. I make no apology that I see everything from a biblical worldview. Therefore, I will not argue with anyone, I will only lovingly discuss with believers and non-believers who are curious and have legitimate questions or are truly trying to sort through their beliefs. I believe it is necessary for us to keep an eye on many of our beliefs, why we believe them and where did those beliefs originate.

Let us intake this information prayerfully and ask God to reveal any beliefs we have adopted that are in contradiction to His will and nature.

DISCLAIMER: This video is a secular documentary it has some provocative sections, but such is life.